Lush Skin & Laser Clinic has the latest technologies and top of the line treatment solutions to help tailor an expert Acne Prescribed Program designed specifically for you.

Whether you have active acne or acne scarring, there is never one set solution, or one specific treatment that will work. In every case, you will need an individual consultation so that a trained skin specialist can recommend the right course of action that suits your individual needs. If you wish to treat Acne Scarring please refer to treatments Dermapen Advanced Skin Needling and Clinical Microdermabrasion.


Medik8 Acne Beta Peel

Using a combination of the active ingredients Salicylic Acid and Dioic Acid this peel will quickly bring acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk breakouts in the future. The Acne Beta Peel simultaneously targets all three forms of acne: blocked pores, comedones as well as inflammation. By delivering the acid straight into the pores and follicles, it assists in keeping pores clear of cellular bacteria and therefore reducing the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.

The best part about the Acne Beta Peel is that it can be used on other acne prone areas of the body besides the face such as the décolletage and the back. It is a triple action peel suitable for all skin types and is safe to do all year round and treatable on most skin types.


Mesoestetic Mandelic Peel

Specifically designed for clients with darker skin, the active ingredient in the Mandelic peel is Mandelic Acid which penetrates the skin to provide great results for correcting skin blemishes, acne, scaring, signs of ageing as well as superficial and deep wrinkles. In the past, clients with darker skin posed a high risk of hyperpigmentation after Skin Chemical Peels. Nowadays, while there is a very minimal risk (as with any skin treatment) there is now a specifically formulated peel that is safe and effective, targeted to those with a darker skin tone.


Healite II 415nm LED Phototherapy

Acne is exacerbated by the presence of bacteria. The 415nm blue light penetrates the upper to mid dermis (i.e. shallow penetration) in order to kill the P. acnes bacteria which multiply in the sebaceous glands.
The skin becomes inflamed when the cells try to fight these invaders. This inflammation is then treated by the white 830nm light to heal the wounds and calm the skin. It’s the inflammation that can lead to acne scarring, so it ‘s essential to treat the resulting inflammation to prevent scarring.


Increases blood flow to tissue
Wound healing
Pain relief
Increases skin’s natural hydration
Stimulates serotonin to the brain
Treats active acne (endogenous P. acne)
Anti-bacterial – the 415nm targets the bacteria creating acne

Recommended treatment regime for maximum results:

Alternating 415nm x 1 and 830nm x 1 per week for 4 weeks
= 8 treatments over 4 weeks
(at least 48 hours is required between treatments)

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The initial skin consultation is crucial to the success of your skin treatments here at LUSH. To begin your skin journey, book your consultation today.

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