Powerhouse Lip Plumper


Dreamweave Powerhouse Lip Plumper

The ‘Powerhouse Lip Plumper’ is a super-advanced way to make your lips look fuller without surgery. It’s the last step before considering lip fillers. This special lip plumper has three powerful ingredients that work together to give you the perfect pout.

When you put it on, you’ll feel a cool, minty tingle, making your lips look more defined and full. It has Maxilip to build collagen, Volulip to mimic hyaluronic acid injections, and Linefill to fill lines.

There’s also Golden Repair to soothe your lips. It gives you an instant plumping effect and long-lasting results with a cool, minty feel!


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Features And Benefits

Here are the cool things about this lip plumper:

  • Super Advanced: It's the most high-tech and best lip plumper ever because it uses 3 peptide treatments.
  • Instant and Long-Term Results: It makes your lips look plump right away, and if you use it every day, it can also make your lips fuller in the long run by boosting collagen production within 30 days.
  • Cool Minty Feel: When you put it on, your lips feel cool and minty, which is nice and refreshing.
  • Clear Glossy Look: It gives your lips a shiny and clear finish, like a gloss.

Directions For Use

Here's how to use the lip plumper:

  • Put it on Your Lips: Use the applicator brush to apply the lip plumper directly on your lips. Pay extra attention to the outer edges, the cupid's bow, and the main part of your lips.
  • Coat Until You Like It: Keep putting it on until your lips look how you want them to.
  • Best on Bare Lips: Use it on your bare lips for the best results. But if you want, you can use it over lipstick to make your lips glossy.
  • Feel the Tingling: You'll feel a warm tingle on your lips and a cool, minty sensation in a few minutes. And you'll see your lips looking plumper.

You can buy this lip plumper online from our website today.