Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Minimise pigmentation for a clearer, more beautiful complexion and confident you

Over time, the effects of ageing and sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin, resulting in excess pigmentation. Minimising this unwanted pigmentation is key to unlocking a clearer and more youthful complexion. Cosmelan works to reduce existing pigmentation and prevent future build-up to deliver lasting results.

About Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation peel system that reduces the dark spots caused by sun exposure, hyperpigmentation and ageing. A two-step treatment, the first step is the application of the Cosmelan 1 peel in our Shepparton clinic to tackle existing pigmentation via skin peel.

The second step is an at-home program to prevent further excess pigment production. The Cosmelan 2 serum is a tyrosinase inhibitor which sedates the production of excess melanin to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Cosmelan doesn’t contain any aggressive hydroquinone or bleaching agents, making the treatment process safe, painless and non-invasive. To achieve the best possible result, it’s recommended that a quality sunscreen is used and reapplied daily to minimise sun damage.

Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment are used to treat:

  • Unwanted pigmentation on the face and body
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Melasma / cholasma
  • Freckles
  • Sun damage

Benefits of Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment:

  • Reduction in the appearance of pigmentation
  • Restricts the formation of future pigmentation production.
  • Improves tone and texture of the skin
  • Increases skin luminosity

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of having a Cosmelan treatment?

Side effects with Cosmelan treatments are rare but easily managed. Some skins may feel a little red following removal of the in-clinic mask. This may be accompanied by some minor dryness and flaking. Any tightness may be easily relieved by applying a nurturing moisturiser such as Hydra-Vital Factor K.

It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure following a Cosmelan treatment and to wear a broad spectrum SPF30 every day before, during and following treatment.

Are Cosmelan treatments just for the face?

Though the face is the most common area to be treated with Cosmelan, the neck, chest and back of the hands may also be addressed.

Can any skin type be treated?

The unique active ingredients used in the Cosmelan depigmenting mask and cream enable effective treatment and results on all skin colours and ethnicities. The skin preparation process conducted by your Skin Specialist prior to the mask’s application will customise the treatment further based on oily, combination or dry conditions. 2 weeks prior to any Cosmelan treatment, you will need to start preparing your skin.

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