Stem Cell Restructuring Serum 5 x 3ml

Highly concentrated serum with an intensive regenerating effect. Prolongs the life of skin cells, repairing deep wrinkles.

Once a week: Apply a full single dose at night using a gentle circular massage until completely absorbed. Application once a week.




Ultra-concentrated serum containing stem cells with intensive renewal action. Powerful shock treatment against cellular aging that combats the process of skin degradation. Repairs deep wrinkles.

Skin stem cells are the source of the new cells found in the different dermal layers. Over time, their activity slows down: the skin loses its capacity for renewal, leading to a loss of tone and the formation of deep wrinkles.stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells designed to combat the slowdown in cell regeneration, strengthening the skin’s tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.