DNA Radiance Night Cream

Radiance DNA night cream uses the natural resting state of the skin to readjust cell metabolism and induce the activity of the genes responsible for skin renewal during sleep. The unique association of meso]recovery complex® and chronogen enables re-balancing the activity and rest processes, repairing DNA damage caused during daytime, in addition to preparing the skin for new activity periods. Upon waking up, the skin looks rested, redensified and smooth and wrinkles and expression lines fade away.

Size: 50ml


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A Replenishing night cream which synchronises the skins renewal process.
Active Ingredients:
Chronogen: latest-generation tetrapeptide. Synchronises the biological cell clock, enhancing DNA protection and repair.
Lamellar structure phospholipids: they form a protective film on the skin surface that prevents transdermal water loss.
Hyaluronic acid: highly moisturising, structural element of the skin.
Method of Use:
Apply onto the face, neck and neckline at night, as a second step of antiaging beauty treatment, after radiance DNA essence, performing lifting from the middle of the face and emptying to the sides.