DNA Radiance Intensive

Global-acting antiaging cream created particularly for reactivating vital skin functions, strengthening the protective barrier action. radiance DNA intensive cream includes in its formula the powerful [meso]recovery complex® responsible for stimulating fibroblasts, for collagen and hyaluronic acid production and improving the skin defence against oxidative stress. Bright and glowing, the skin recovers its elasticity and firmness and wrinkles gradually decrease.

Size: 5oml


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DNA Radiance intensive anti-aging cream that maintains DNA integrity.
Active Ingredients:

SPF 15
Lamellar structure phospholipids: they form a protective film over the skin surface preventing transdermal water loss.
Hyaluronic acid: highly moisturising, structural element of the skin.

Method of Use:

Apply over the face, neck and neckline in the morning, as a second step in antiaging beauty treatment, after radiance DNA essence, insisting on the facial oval, nasolabial folds, lip contour and area between the eyebrows.