How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

If you are interested in having smoother skin – without the need to shave on a regular basis – then you’ve probably considered treatment, and you’d like to know how laser hair removal works and if the treatment really does deliver results.

To answer your 2nd question: Yes! Laser hair really does work under the right circumstances and it’s possible to achieve long term hair removal.

There are a number of factors that decide whether laser hair removal is effective. But, before we get into who is best suited for the treatment – and the kind of results it can achieve – you first need to understand the different stages of hair growth.

The Three Stages of Hair Growth

Did you know the hair on your body goes through three stages (technically, there are four stages, but this is merely the shedding phase where the hair finally detaches) of growth?

It’s true. And different hairs on your body grow at different rates. So, even if you shave the same section of your body, the individual hairs may not grow back at the same rate as each other.

Below is a simple breakdown of the three stages of hair growth:

  • Anagen (growing phase): Where the bottom of the hair follicle (the bulb) attaches to the dermis and receives its bloody supply. Thus, initiating the growing phase.
  • Catagen (transition phase): The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the dermal papilla.
  • Telogen (resting phase): The remains of the hair bulb become inactive and the attached hair eventually falls out.

Why is this important? Because the stage of your hair growth is a key factor as to whether laser hair removal will work for you. To explain, let’s go over how laser hair removal works.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

As the name implies, laser hair removal relies on the use of laser beam to target and affect hair-producing follicles.

To be precise, the light of the laser beam is converted into heat. The light becomes attracted to the pigment (melanin) in the hair and absorbs the light to be converted into heat. From there, the heat targets and affects the hair-producing follicle to inhibit hair growth.

How does the laser destroy the hair follicle? The laser destroys the bulb of the hair follicle where the blood supplies the hair with oxygen. By disrupting the source of the hair follicle’s energy, this prevents the hair from growing.

Generally speaking, the best results are achieved when the hair is darker and thicker and on a light skin tone. Why? Because darker hair holds the most amount of pigment. So there is a greater chance the pigment will absorb the light of the laser and convert it into the heat required to destroy the hair follicle.

Of course, this is all made possible thanks to special medical-grade laser equipment. While lasers are used in a variety of applications, the type of laser used in laser hair removal is specially designed to be safe for use on human skin. So you can relax knowing the treatment is safe, simple, and most importantly – effective!

Does Laser Hair Removal Get Results?

That depends on a few key factors.

For starters, you already know darker hair on a light skin tone will achieve optimal results. Of course, this does not mean a person with light hair and/or a darker skin tone is out of luck.

The stage of your hair growth also matters. In most cases, only hair in the anagen (growing phase) can be successfully treated. Keep in mind though, as mentioned previously, not all hair grows at the same rate as each other. This is why you often need to have multiple sessions in order to achieve complete hair removal.

Finally, your hair must have a pigment for it to be targeted. This means people with grey, white, blonde, or red hair may not respond well to the treatment, as there is no dark pigment in these hair colours to absorb light. Also, these hair colours have less pigment, so there is less chance of achieving permanent hair loss.

Discover if Laser Hair Removal is For You

The easiest way to find out if laser hair removal is for you is to arrange a consultation with one of our highly trained laser specialists.

During your initial face-to-face consultation, your laser specialist will be happy to answer your questions and any concerns regarding laser therapy. They will also discuss the kind of goals you hope to achieve from the treatment, and then assess your unique circumstances to determine your chances of success.

From there, they will recommend a tailored treatment for you.

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