Are You Using The Right Skincare For Your Skin?

If you’re using the wrong products for your skin, you may never see results. Don’t waste time (and money) using products that don’t work for you.

We meet with new clients on a daily basis who have fallen for fancy packaging or products endorsed by celebrities that simply deliver little or no result. Every time we scroll our Facebook or Instagram feed an ad reminds us of a must have makeup product or skincare product.

Air brushed, Photoshopped celebrities promise that that a particular product is what they use to achieve their admired and desirable appearance.

Look past the fancy packaging and highly paid celebrity endorsements, invest in skincare that’s scientifically formulated with proven results.

Your skin is a lifetime investment. Love the skin you’re in by learning how to choose the right skincare products for you.

Know Your Skin Type

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to skincare. Knowing your skin type is essential for finding products that work for you. Certain products work for certain skin types.
If you’ve learned this the hard way, you’ll understand why it’s so important. Oily skin types know to avoid rich moisturising creams unless they want to shine brighter than the sun all day. Dry skin types never skip their nourishing night creams to avoid waking up with flakes.

Understanding your skin type before you establish your daily skincare regime helps you decide what your skin needs to be healthy and look its best. The best way to determine your skin type is to visit a skin specialist.
Some common skin types include:


Once you know which category you fall into, you can find your perfect skincare routine. But don’t think once you’ve established a regime that you’re set for life (if only it was that easy!). As your skin type changes over time, it’s important to remember the products that your skin once responded to may no longer be suitable. You should update your skincare regime to suit your changing skin type and skin concerns to continue seeing results.

Identify Your Skin Concerns

Some skincare ranges specialise in particular skin concerns, offering entire kits to complete your regime. By choosing a range that focuses solely on your skin concern, such as the Medik8 Blemish Skin Kit for acne-prone skin, or the Medik8 Redness Correction Kit for ageing skin, you can thoroughly treat your skin conditions every time you apply a product.
Understand Your Skincare’s Purpose

A lightweight daily moisturiser isn’t going to nourish under the eye area or combat fine lines, just like a cream wash isn’t going to exfoliate your dead skin cells. From cleansing and toning to providing UV protection, skincare products are formulated especially for a purpose, so be sure to find the right product for the right job.

Give Your Skin Time To Respond

Don’t expect to wake up with baby-smooth skin after just one use. It can take weeks to experience visible results from your skincare products. Give your skin a chance to react, and assess the effects over time. Be consistent in using your products for best results.

Professional skincare at home doesn’t need to be complicated. Medik8 offers high-quality, tailored skincare lines for every skin type, making it easier than ever to find your perfect skincare routine.

Why We Choose Medik8?

Medik8 delivers scientifically formulated products with proven results. Using the best ingredients at the right strengths is crucial for maintaining a healthy skincare regime. With active ingredients at just the right concentration, Medik8 ensures you achieve remarkable results without harming your skin.

A Focus on Stability and Freshness

Some ingredients can start breaking down as soon as they’re opened, or even while they’re sitting on the shelf. Medik8 keeps this in mind when developing all their products, and their continued research is dedicated to improving stability.
By producing small batches at a time, fresh from the laboratory, Medik8 can offer fresh products to customers with the highest possible stability and potency.

Skincare Solutions for Everyone

Have a specific skin concern? Medik8 stocks a wide range of products and kits formulated to treat different conditions. Struggling with acne? Wanting to fight the signs of ageing? Medik8 has the products for you.
Make a time to speak with one of our highly trained Skin Therapists who can customise a professional strength skincare regime just right for you.


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