5 Tips for Choosing a Skin Clinic in Shepparton That’s Right For You

Going to a skin clinic is a highly personal experience. In essence, you’re entrusting someone to closely examine your skin, propose a treatment plan, and carry out that plan over a number of sessions.

The presence of advanced technology that you may not be too familiar with can also add a level of uncertainty to the process. On top of this, with so many skin clinics in Shepparton, it can be hard to know which clinic is right for you.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose a skin care clinic that meets your exact needs.

Tip 1 – Qualifications and skills

Make sure that any skin clinic you approach is fully qualified, skilled, and experienced in offering advice and treating a range of concerns for people of all ages and skin types.

You should find out if the skin clinic is operating with the latest medical-grade laser equipment, which must comply with the latest Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS IEC 60825.1:2014 Safety of Laser Products. Meanwhile, the staff themselves should be fully qualified to operate such equipment.

For instance whilst a minimum requirement to operate a laser is a certificate, Laser Safety Officer you will see clinics that invest to have trained laser specialists who complete an Advanced Laser Course in Cosmetic Laser Practice which is endorsed by the Australasian College Of Cosmetic Nursing. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your clinic is operating in a safe and lawful manner that is consistent with the highest industry standards.

Another instance, LUSH Skin and Laser Clinic Shepparton is a nationally recognised depigmentation centre. In fact, one of only 55 Australian clinics specialising in treating pigmentation disorders with more than 20 years experience in delivering exceptional results.

Tip 2 – Personalised service

As previously mentioned, going to a skin clinic is a highly personal experience. For this reason, you want to partner with a skin care expert who will take the time to understand your exact needs.

During your initial consultation, your skin care expert should assess the current condition of your skin. They may ask you a number of questions in regards to your past and current skin ailments, medical history, and any relevant family history.

By gathering this information, your skin care expert will be able to recommend a suitable treatment plan that meets your needs.

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Tip 3 – Honest upfront cost

When you are given a quote for treatment, there should be no guesswork involved. All treatments should be clearly itemised, so that you have a detailed breakdown of what each session entails. This way, you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost before you choose to go ahead.

On top of this, you should know exactly why you are being given each treatment, and how each step works in order to achieve your personal skin care goals.

For example, a DMK Paramedical Enzyme Facial Treatment is a multi-step process comprised of four key processes: Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain. First, the dead skin cells are removed and then rebuilt. Then the skin is given special treatment to protect the layer from the harsh elements. Finally, routine maintenance and check-ups are carried out to ensure the skin remains healthy.

By knowing exactly what is going into your treatment plan, this can help ease any misgivings you may have, and ensure you feel more confident and relaxed about the procedure – and look forward to the results too.

Tip 4 – Read reviews

If you’ve been referred to a particular skin care clinic by your GP, then you can be confident the clinic your doctor has chosen is both reputable and trustworthy.

But, if you’re choosing a clinic by yourself, then you have to be more vigilant.

One way to find out if a clinic is reliable is to look up reviews. Perform a quick search online and read reviews left behind by real customers. Their feedback can give you valuable insight into what the experience was like, how friendly the staff were, and the kind of results they were able to achieve.

Of course, be wary of overly negative reviews or reviews that seem a bit ‘too’ glowing, especially if these reviews stick out like a sore thumb from the rest. Such reviews may have been written in an attempt to tarnish the company’s reputation, or to artificially inflate their ranking on sites like Google.

Tip 5 – Convenient location

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to pay multiple visits to your skin care clinic. This is often necessary, so that the skin has enough time to naturally heal and regenerate before the next step can be taken.

For this reason, you want to choose a skin care clinic that is easily accessible. The less time spent on travel, the more likely you will commit to your treatment plan and get the best results.

Plus, you’re less likely to be rushing to each appointment, which means the experience will be more enjoyable overall.

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